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At Crone Metals, we specialize in a diverse range of metal services to meet all your fabrication and design needs.

Our Services



Precision shaping of metal components. By using specialized machinery this process of shaping metal components to specific contours or geometries ensures precision and consistency.



A method that employs tools to segment metal materials into desired dimensions and lengths. This includes shearing for accurate resizing of metal pieces.

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A fabrication process that joins metals by causing fusion. Structural and aesthetic welding services tailored for unique project requirements.


Flat Sheet

Whether aluminum or steel, we have an extensive stock list of materials, serving as a reliable source for raw materials needed for various components.



A metal forming procedure that uses a punch press to create holes, slots, or shapes in metal pieces.


Estimation Services

Fast and accurate estimates to help you plan your project effectively. Our process ensures customers understand material, labor, and overhead expenses.

Raising Canes

Drafting & Design Assist

Expert guidance in the planning and design stages, assisting in the optimization of material usage, installation processes, and overall project efficiency. These collaboration services allow us to ensure accuracy and efficiency throughout the project.


Ability to Expedite

The capability to accelerate order processes and delivery timelines to meet urgent requirements without sacrificing quality.

Why Choose Crone Metals

Our comprehensive suite of metal services positions Crone Metals as a trusted leader in metal fabrication. Between our unparalleled expertise in metal services, from precision forming to expert welding, as well as our commitment to quality, transparent estimations, and timely deliveries, let us help you ensure your projects are executed seamlessly.

Quality Control


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Explore our diverse portfolio of successful projects that demonstrate our commitment to quality and innovation.