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Discover our comprehensive range of products tailored for glass & glazing, ensuring both aesthetics and functionality.

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Architectural Panels

We specialize in Aluminum Plate Panels and have the capability to produce large oversized panels with deep projections. These are often designed to enhance building exteriors, offering both appeal and protective functions.



Versatile metal pieces used for framing or as connectors.


Back Pans

Aluminum or steel panels placed behind exterior cladding which provides both enhanced thermal and protective protection. We have the capability to meet several different design and depth requirements for custom back pans.


Shadow Boxes

Decorative elements typically used behind glass facades, designed to add depth and visual interest to curtain walls or storefronts.



Metal channels used to secure panels or to serve as connecting elements between different system components.


Embed Anchors

Structural linkage between the building’s framework and panels, embedded into concrete or structural steel for secure attachment points.

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Perimeter Trims

Custom-made trims to provide clean, aesthetically pleasing edges. These often serve as both decorative and functional pieces.


Sill Pans

Pre-formed or site-fabricated trays placed beneath windows or door thresholds to direct water away from the building, adding an extra layer of water resistance.



Thin pieces of impervious material installed to prevent the passage of water into a structure, often used around windows and door frames.

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Custom Brake Shapes

Specialized metal shapes crafted using a brake press, tailored to meet unique architectural or structural requirements. Available in endless sizes and colors to meet your project needs.


Anchor Clips

Almost entirely fabricated out of steel, these specialized clips are designed for secure attachment of panels or other structural elements.

Why Choose Crone Metals

When it comes to the precise world of Glass & Glazing, choosing the right metal components is paramount. Crone Metals understands the intricacies of this industry, offering products tailored to ensure the integrity, aesthetics, and functionality of glazing systems. From architectural panels that complement your glass designs to custom brake shapes and anchor clips that provide unparalleled support, our range ensures your glazing projects not only look impeccable but stand the test of time. Partner with Crone Metals, and guarantee your projects are underpinned by metalwork of the highest caliber.

Client Testimonials

Great customer service and prompt deliveries as scheduled.

Mitch Bernal

Always helpful also precision a must in my work ethics, they got it. I appreciate everyone there.

Patrick Nadeau

Fantastic work and wonderful people! I highly suggest contacting Crone Metals for your next project!

Lauren Warnock

Crone metals is my go to for any and all of my break metal needs. Great company, great people. Would 100% recommend.

Chris Oliver

Hands down the best place to get custom metal fabricated. Crone metals takes pride in their precision to ensure every order is right and made exactly to your specifications.

Zach Shipp

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